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Mark your calendar for the next North American Muay Thai Classic on June 25-28, 2015!


We realize attending events can tap into the finances!

This is an EASY way to raise $1000+!

Whether you're a single person or a large team, we understand how expensive a tournament like this can get.  We have located companies to help with those interested in fundraising activities to help raise money to cover your expenses.  

Butter Braid® pastries is a company we've used personally for our gym to raise funds to purchase new equipment. The braids are a yummy pastry that arrives frozen. Simply thaw it, bake it and enjoy. 

I am being serious when I say, once you taste them, you will want to order more! 

A team can do this or an individual. They basically sell themselves. Visit the website to find a local distributor.  Our distributor brought samples in for our students and parents to try before we committed to selling them.

Butter Braid® pastries


When traveling with several fighters to another city, state, or country, the expenses can add up pretty fast. The team, and parents of fighters, pull together and raise money through fundraising.
Here are some ideas and links that can help your team raise money to help cover your travel expenses!


Team Sponsorship Page
(Each "Team" that is registered may have a "Team Page" to list participating fighter's information and offer recognition to sponsors.  I will post your sponsors logo and/or link to their website.  This will be available for a full year.  A nice 'thank you' for their donation.)


Team Car Washes
(Schedule a day and all fighters show up to help!  Stores will usually donate supplies and newspapers/radio stations will advertise for a discounted price)


Gym "Kick-athon"
(Fighters get pledges for how many kicks they can complete in a specified time period)


Gym Raffles
(Many times local businesses will donate gift certificates, apparel, others goods and services, which can be used for prices in a gym raffle.)


Candy or Pizza Sales
(If there is not a local promotions company, check with a local school to see who they get their fundraising from.)


Fighter Auctions
(Each fighter donates him or herself for a specific task or amount of time, to be auctioned off during a local event)


Gym/Garage Sales
(Families from the gym donate items and hold a garage sale at the gym)


Pizza or Convenient Store Coupon Booklets
(Kum & Go, a chain in the midwest, sells coupon booklets for $1 each, which can be resold for $5+ each)


Can Redemption
(In Iowa, we have a .05 deposit on all cans/bottles.  We have gone door to door and asked for empty cans, which we redeem. Many times we have people give us large bags worth $$.  If you do not have bottle deposits in your area, you can still collect cans for the aluminum. )